You have financial questions

  • You have financial goals & aspirations that you want to achieve
  • You may have financial challenges that you want to solve
  • You may have financial concerns that you want to address

We help you simplify and take control of your financial life so you can spend more time enjoying what’s important to you and your family.


When it comes to your wealth, there are three key things you want

  • Financial Freedom – to live the life you’ve dreamed and deserve with the financial means to support you throughout your life
  • Financial Security – confidence that your wealth is secure
  • Financial Peace of mind – clarity and comfort knowing your financial life is “on track”so you can focus on the things that really matter


At Aurora Financial Planning, we help people take control of their financial future so their goals and dreams become a reality by providing goals focused advice with a financial road map to achieve them.

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“Where are You on Your Financial Journey?”


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