Are You Ready for Your Retirement?


Are you approaching retirement and unsure about whether you are saving enough to allow you to live the life you’ve been dreaming about?


 At Aurora Financial Planning, we work with people who want to plan in advance for their retirement. By doing this, they are in control of when and how they retire by having a Personal Retirement Plan in place focused on meeting their financial needs. This allows them to reap the benefits from the hard work and smart planning they have done during their working lives.


Hi I’m Chris Whiteford. By working with me, you will gain financial control over your future retirement, rather than being a passenger. This provides you with clarity that your retirement plans and dreams can become a reality.


I help my clients clarify what their retirement needs are, what type of retirement is possible for them and what impact choices they make now will have on their future retirement. This allows them to travel on a journey towards retirement which is positive and optimistic rather than one filled with uncertainty and worry about whether they will be financially ready to live the life they have planned and deserve.


Your Personal Financial Plan In 5 Steps

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