Do You want to Grow Your Wealth for the Future?


Do you have financial goals that you want to achieve but you lack the time or know how to create and implement a plan to achieve them?”


At Aurora, we understand that strong cashflow is the foundation for saving & investing and ultimately growing your wealth. We work with people who want to take control of their financial future.  We create a Personal Wealth Plan which provides clarity around their financial goals and dreams with a strategic roadmap to achieving them.

This allows them to make smart money choices so they can build their wealth and have financial freedom.


Hi, I’m Chris Whiteford. Working with me, you will:

  • Gain clarity about what your financial goals really are; 
  • Identify how to achieve them rather than muddling along and leaving it to chance;
  • Have greater certainty that your plans for growing your wealth will be a success. 


I help my clients clarify their financial goals, quantify what wealth they maybe able to accumulate and understand what impact choices they make now will have on their future wealth.

I create and implement a “Personal Wealth Plan” that makes them feel positive about where they are heading financially and secure about their financial future. Through this process, we:

  • Maximise their personal wealth potential from their strong cashflow 

          – by taking back control of their cash flow and debt by reviewing their cashflow & budget to understand where they can save money

          – This allows us to identify what funds are available for investing

  • Create tax effective Investment Strategies to Meet their Wealth Creation Goals

          – We create and implement an investment strategy for their available cashflow focusing on growing their personal wealth in a tax effective way

so they are able to achieve their financial goals


Your Personal Financial Plan In 5 Steps

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